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Hard-Drive Shredding

It isn’t always practical to simply erase data on any one of the many devices we use in our places of work, entertainment, and residence.

Sometimes it’s important to think further into the future and the implications of being careless with sensitive or personal user information, patient records or intellectual property.

Universal Waste Disposal embraces innovation and new ways of improving services for our clients, but also the environment, our communities and families.

While many organization are comfortable with the standards for data erasing set forth by the United State Department of Defense, in many cases, even the slightest chance of accessing sensitive information is too much.

This is especially true for any organization in the financial and healthcare sectors, but also manufacturers and anyone with intellectual property.

Upon request, we will send your hard-drives through our state-of-the-art hard-drive shredder.

We’ve even created a line of discrete mail-back data destruction kits with the option to watch a private live stream of your hard-drives, or watch a replay delivered directly via email.

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