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Light Bulbs Recycling

We are able to handle any volume of light bulbs, batteries, or electronic devices
– from prepaid recycling kits to trailers with tens of thousands of pounds in various
types of batteries.

Recycle my

Now recycling your
light bulbs gets easier

We provide solutions for all types, shapes and sizes. From the standard fluorescent tubes, to HID (high-intensity display) lamps used in streetlights and parking garages, Universal Waste is the preferred choice of hundreds of businesses for all their lamp recycling needs.

How to recycle your light bulbs

As Southern California’s fastest growing universal waste recycling company, lamp and light
bulb recycling is where we first got started.

4′ Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit


SKU: RK-4936 Category: Tag:


  • Holds up to 72 T-8 or 36 T-12 4-foot linear fluorescent tube lamps
  • Heavy-duty poly liner prevents leakage
  • Inner cardboard sleeve creates puncture-resistant barrier
  • Extra-large box flaps
  • Recycling fees included
  • Return shipping included
  • Digital Certificate of Recycling (email download)
  • Instruction manual & instructions printed on the box

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4′ Standard Fluorescent Combo Kit (6pk)


SKU: SBK-4936 Category:


  • Holds up to 240 T-12 or 480 T-8 fluorescent tube lamps
  • Free $15 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Heavy-duty poly liner prevents leakage
  • Inner cardboard sleeve creates puncture-resistant barrier
  • Instruction manual &  instructions printed on the box
  • Digital Certificate of Recycling (email download)
  • Extra-large box flaps
  • Includes cost of recycling
  • Return shipping not included

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Tritium Exit Sign Recycling

At the end of their life, tritium exit signs must be treated to remove the radioactive materials through a complex, dangerous extraction process.

It is important the metal casing is handled with care, as any fracture can cause radioactive material to leak, potentially causing very serious health and environmental issues.

Safety is our #1 priority

We take all the necessary precautions to ensure your exit signs are disposed of in a safe and
compliant manner. This includes recording individual serial numbers, and adhering to packaging
and delivery standards.

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