//Save Money By Properly Disposing Of Tritium Exit Signs

Save Money By Properly Disposing Of Tritium Exit Signs

Tritium Emergency Exit Signs & Radioactive Material

EXIT signs are designed stay lit in order to help people to safety during fires and power outages.

Tritium EXIT signs have been keeping office buildings, retails stores, schools, movie theaters, nursing homes,  restaurant and hotels safe for decades.

Many years ago engineers discovered they could substitute tritium gas, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen requiring no electricity to glow. Radiation the tritium gas provides causes the exit signs to glow continuously for 20 years or more.



Inside tritium emergency exit signs are sealed glass tubes containing the radioactive tritium gas. When installed properly, tritium exit signs pose no risk.

However, renovations and newer technology displace exit signs, and this is when risk of exposure is most likely to occur.  While tritium make for power-free, long-lasting exit signs, avoiding contamination, and potential fines, is the trade-off.


How Do I Know If Exit Signs Contain Tritium?

There are a few simple ways to determine if EXIT signs contain tritium gas.

  • Is there a noticeable absence of wires?
  • Does the “EXIT” part glow green or red?
  • Do you see a warning label saying “Caution- Radioactive Materials” along the perimeter of the signn

If you are still unsure if your emergency exit signs contain radioactive tritium, fill out a contact request form and a Universal Waste Disposal Company agent will be happy to speak with you.


Disposal Requirements For Tritium Exit Signs

All electronic devices should be properly recycled however tritium EXIT signs are subject to specific recycling requirements. Improperly disposed of sign could contaminate the immediate area and require professional help to cleanup and fines issued by Cal Recycle.

Be sure to Call Universal Waste Disposal today and receive a free quote on our streamline recycling process (619) 438-1093