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Small Business

More and more small businesses are discovering how easy, and cost-effective, recycling for businesses is with Universal Waste Disposal.

In many cases, business managers do not realize just how easy it is to get rid of all the unwanted items just taking up space.

Where many other companies either accept very select types of waste, or penalize for small quantities, we cover a broad range of items that fall outside the traditional waste and recycling streams, which allows us to accommodate both small and large producers.


Universal Waste Disposal offers recycling services for every type of light bulb you’ll encounter in a small business.

For best results, you want to store your spent lamps in a sealed container, such as a recycling kit, where lamps can be collected safely and out of the way.


Batteries are 100% recyclable and contain toxic compounds that can cause environmental and physical damage when mishandled.

We provide multiple solutions to properly recycle an assortment of batteries.

Be sure that prior to transport, any container with lithium batteries, of any kind, must be labeled in accordance to DTSC and EPA regulations.

Computers & IT Equipment

Investing in new technology is important, just as making sure the old technology is disposed of in a safe and compliant manner.

Whether you need to get rid of servers, work stations, telecom or mobile devices, we offer both IT Asset Disposition and Asset Management services.


From the old CRT television and speakers, to microwaves and paper shredders, Universal Waste Disposal can handle all your e-waste needs.

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