The needs of the healthcare industry are as diverse as illnesses it tries to cure.

Rooted in a hub for medical research in San Diego, California; Universal Waste Disposal has helped countless hospitals, senior care facilities, local medical practices such as dentists and ophthalmologists, and other many other organizations within the healthcare industry.

Diverse Solutions

We offer a wide-array of services to mitigate the risk and accumulation of potentially hazardous waste.

From small offices to entire campuses, our programs cover the gap left by your traditional waste and recycling streams, such as:

Data Security

In many organizations, the minimum standards for data sanitation may provide enough assurance for comfort.

However, if you bear financial data, patient records, intellectual property, network passkeys and other sensitive information, the minimum procedures may not be enough.

For the highest level of confidence, it is recommended any data containing devices, such as hard-drives and memory chips be physically destroyed.

Upon request, your these devices will be processed through our state-of-the-art hard-drive shredder.

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