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Fortune 500

Fortune 500 companies are held to higher levels of scrutiny, and maintaining compliance becomes increasingly difficult as more moving parts are added.

This is why Universal Waste Disposal provides comprehensive disposal services for all the potentially hazardous waste your organization will encounter on consistent, and rare occasions.

If you can’t put it in a dumpster, you should call us first!

Some of these items include:

More Universal. Less Waste.

It can be frustrating when your waste hauler  will not accept something, or it’ll cost you a bundle to get rid of.

In many case, your hauler lacks the resources to handle your request, and instead outsources the work to some that does, while making a margin on top at the customer’s expense.

Items such as fluorescent lamps, lead acid batteries, and turned over IT equipment must be treated differently.

If you can’t put it in a dumpster, you should call us first!


Who You Choose Is More Important Than How You Do It.

Whether you have a regular schedule of organized onsite pick-ups or recycling kits on auto-ship, what is most important is what happens afterwards.

And with a single violation costing $25,000+, the benefits add up fast when your universal waste disposal company is ethical, reliable and concerned about the future.

Data Security

IT equipment, hard drives and mobile devices pose environmental risks, and the possibility mishandled information present even further risks.

Recent findings have shown that the cost of a single data security breach costs companies $4,000,000 on average; and the damages to larger organizations are typically much higher.



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