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IT Asset and Data Destruction

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IT Asset deposition

Universal Waste Disposal Co. is committed to helping businesses, local governments, and every consumers dispose of their old and use electronics.

Security is our #1 priority

If you give us anything with a hard drive, such as a laptop or desktop computer, the hard drive will be completely
wiped of any information.
If you need more assurance of security, we offer a premium data destruction service when we will then physically
destroy the hard drive or memory, and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

Data destruction

Universal Waste Disposal and its employees consider data security our number one priority.

While improper disposal of things like fluorescent light bulbs or televisions have tangible damages, data, how it is stored, and subsequently destroyed, have proven in recent years to be even more devastating when mismanaged.

Security penetrations can cause everything from poor equipment performance, to complete system takeover with information held at ransom.

Universal Waste Disposal embraces National Institute of Standards and Technology, Guidelines for Media Sanitization (NIST 800-88) and Department of Defense (DoD 5520) methods of handling sensitive information and data.

How you can get started?

In addition to industry-standard data wiping involved , we believe it’s important that our customers feel content knowing there is absolutely no way their old files, patient records, or other intellectual proper can fall into anyone’s hands.

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