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Universal Waste Disposal is positioned to handle all your battery recycling needs. As a leader in the field of managing potentially hazardous waste, we understand that battery recycling goes far beyond the common household AA’s.

While the energy in the battery itself may not be reusable, as with primary cell batteries of many kinds, the materials themselves are 100% recyclable.

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Types of Batteries

We recycle 2 types of batteries

Lithium Primary

Though lithium primary batteries make up only a very small percentage of the overall amount manufactured and disposed of on an annual basis, it very common for their use to be implemented into the design of a piece of equipment with long lives.

For instance, for many years, water meters have used small lithium primary batteries to run for decades at a time.

As a general rule, compared to the more stable alkaline batteries, lithium must be treated with even more care.

Lithium Ion

Lithium ion batteries have become a staple in consumer goods over the past 20 or more years.
Though we have seen many innovations in battery technology, most notable with electric vehicles in the auto industry, it is very important the users of those batteries are cognizant of the dangers they pose when not disposed of properly. At the same time, battery quality is determined by the production methods and material used (or not used).

When not handled properly, lithium batteries have been known to combust, causing fires that cannot be put out with water alone.

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